Friday, 29 October 2010

Renaissancegrace legacy sponsership

The first year of work under the Renaissancegrace legacy sponsership is nearly completed.
£20,000 has been raised and spent on the furnishings throughout Brympton d'Evercy.
The 5 state rooms are on target to be completed in under 2 more years, 2 years quicker than we originally estimated.
Overwhelming challenges are often avoided in life however when the impossible is achieved you live on the most amazing high for most of the project. I want to thank all the supporters of the project both local to Somerset and as far away as Gainsborough silk weaving company in Suffolk.
Thank you to the local hotels who put up with me on my many dashes to Somerset to be on-site always arriving late and needing hospitality and a shoulder to cry on if in dispair about a set back.
A special than you to Tom and Richard from the Hollies Hotel and the Yeovil Court team who endure my ramblings about film crews and 14 foot drop curtains!
All the local wedding suppliers who have supported the owner and myself on a mission to create the most bespoke weddings that Brympton can offer, all the brides who let me practise my wedding planning skills on them and finally a big thank you to Sara, trustee of Brympton House, owner of Brympton House Weddings, for providing 16 months of free wedding planning training whether at times I wanted it or not!

By Christmas the 1680 Grand Staircase will be once again dressed with deserved handsome drapes using a tapestry woven fabric by Gainsborough Silks who surely will miss my flying out of breath visits for yet more guidance when the project ends.
A copy of Chatsworth House early 1800's silk drapes in the Saloon Drawing room are being fitted next week following The Princes trust assistance on the stone window surrounds and freshly recreated archive panel paintwork.
Back to the day job ! Brides to see.

Take care do pop in again and enter my Alice down the rabbit hole life!

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  1. Renaissance Grace Legacy has now completed Brympton
    Thank you to all our sponsors including
    Renaissance Bespoke Interior Design